Apex Professional Exchange

Helping people to reach their full potential and improving the quality of life for people with and without special needs, their families and caregivers.


About Apex Professional Exchange

Apex Professional Exchange provides live-in, full-time care for families and adults with special care or disability needs as well as professional, live-in nanny services for families without special care needs. Our experienced, live-in care providers are European nationals that have degrees and experience in occupational or physical therapy, paediatric nursing, teaching and other care professions. Apex provides families with a cultural exchange opportunity for their families in addition to being a reliable, professional caregiving solution.

A large percentage of the care professionals that come to Australia have previously worked as care professionals in the U.S.A. where Apex has been providing live-in professional childcare and cultural exchange for over 10 years.

Apex’s Australian operations are based in Brisbane but we work with Australian families nationwide and have staff members in Sydney and Perth as well to provide local support.