Making Your Care Professional Feel Welcome!

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Australia, Top Tips

A welcome pack for your care professional is one of the elements the host family can lay the foundation building block for a successful relationship.

Showing your live-in carer that you are excited about them joining your family, by providing little welcome gifts, a household manual and other little things that you deem important sets the scene.

Think of the care professional first moment stepping into his/her room as a first date! This is when they will get the first real sense of the warmth, sincerity and appreciation that your family holds in regards to them coming into your home and becoming a part of the family.

We would like to take a moment to point out to you that your caregiver is far from home, has travelled a long distance to a different country, upon the faith that you and your family will welcome them, make them feel at home and value them, as not only a person providing a service to your family, but as a human being.

  • Did you find out something specifically unique about their favourite things in your interview?
  • Favourite foods, favourite movies, favourite music, favourite authors, favourite activities?

Some families keep things simple, and some families go to a great deal of trouble in the thought processes behind creating the ultimate ‘Welcome Pack!’

We recommend doing what feels right for your family and your budget. And try to have a balance between practical and the warm and fuzzy!

Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Household manual – list of duties – weekly roster/schedule – employment information
  • Public transport information, for example bus or train timetable
  • Tourist information and local attractions and activities in your area
  • List of all the important contact numbers
  • WIFI log on information

Warm and Fuzzy

  • Fresh flowers in a vase
  • Pictures from the children
  • Card from you as the Host Parents
  • Chocolate – biscuits – chips (Vegan treats if Vegan)
  • Typical Australian things like Vegemite
  • Some photo frames for the care professional to put a picture of her friends and family in
  • Seasonal must have’s – Summer = Sunscreen, Winter = Hot-Water Bottle

Some additional things to remember when setting up their room…

Your care professionals’ room need not be from the latest edition of Vogue Magazine. But it does need to be a haven, a personal space they can call their own. Comfortable and inviting.

  • Ensure the bedroom is clean, welcoming and presentable
  • Have the bed made with fresh linen
  • Does the room smell nice? If not, consider getting an air freshener
  • Two fresh towels to be provided on the end of bed
  • Personal laundry basket
  • Comfortable pillows
  • Can you afford a TV and DVD player? If so, we know your live-in carer would love this!
  • Side lamp
  • Little waste basket
  • Coat hangers

They will really appreciate all of the effort that your family has gone to, to make them feel welcome and comfortable in their new home.

Here’s to the success of your host family and care professional placement!