Questions Families Should Ask Before Hiring a Carer in the Time of Corona

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Australia, Support, Top Tips

Things are changing all the time in this strange world of ours and with ‘the virus’ at the back of our minds, families and professional caregivers are being affected in a big way.

Many of our families will still be looking for the right carer to be supporting them and their children, so here are some questions each family should ask themselves before hiring someone. 

  1. What do families need to keep in mind?

You and your caregiver need to be a team. You need to be honest with each other and let each other know if at any point you develop any symptoms. This is especially important for families who have children with additional needs, as they are in the higher risk group.

For any new caregiver joining a family we recommend a self-quarantining phase of two weeks, even if they are healthy at the time. This means staying home and avoiding all contact with other people. Additionally, we advise completing a test at a suitable testing location. Most importantly though, it’s important to talk with your caregiver about mutual expectations during this time. Make sure you are all on the same page.

  1. What should you discuss in advance with a caregiver?

It’s important to remember that for your caregiver your home will be a workplace. Therefore, it’s critical to have the conversation about keeping each other safe. Concerning prevention, have an agreement regarding each other’s understanding of the importance of physical distancing. Everyone’s actions right now are interconnected more than ever, so that means you both agree to take precautions at all times. This helps to protect the health of your family and that of your care provider.

Remember everyone is a little bit anxious and nervous at this time, you have every right to be worried about keeping your family safe. Therefore, having an open line of two-way communication and clear expectations is crucial to keep both of your families safe. Additionally, you may want to think about putting agreed-upon safety practices in existing or new employment contracts.

  1. What specific precautions can you expect from your carer?

Nobody expects perfection, but we can all do our part in taking precautions in our own lives to reduce risks. So, you can ask your care professional to adhere to the following routines:

  • Hand-washing should have become an essential habit (20 seconds with soap and water) at the following times:
    • When the carer enters your home
    • Prior to food preparation
    • After using the facilities
    • Before and after changing children/helping them in the bathroom
    • While supporting your children to do the same
  • For the carer to remove their shoes when entering your home
  • Using antibacterial wipes or gel when applicable.

Our families still need the help and support of quality care professionals, and keeping these few things in mind when looking for and hiring a caregiver will ensure that everyone stays safe and well.